Welcome to Birdsong Farm

A family-owned certified organic farm in Northeast Ohio, Birdsong brings fresh organic produce to local farmer's markets and offers a popular CSA program.

Meet the Farmer

Birdsong farmer owner Matt Herbruck studied sustainable agriculture at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. While there he studied with folks like Eliot Coleman and Helen Nearing. It was during this time that Matt began to develop a deep interest in local foods production as well as low impact and sustainable livelihoods. He graduated with a degree in Human Ecology in 1994. Matt's son Oscar was born in 2008 in Ellsworth, Maine. With an eye towards raising him nearer to grandparents they sold their farm in Maine and in 2009 moved to Hiram Twp. Ohio. Oscar loves to learn and discover things on the farm, and particularly enjoys digging potatoes and picking peas.

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